Allow me to comment on myself, not you

Allow me to comment on myself, not you
Man is never unjust even want to always win when assessing values to judge themselves. In fact, the ideas until flavors are experienced by humans it is only a distortion-distortion wave received information that the human brain itself and making flavors they experienced.

It was unfortunately the fate of humankind today. Tersistem made by the system itself. And it’s unfortunately more human beings who can only comment on another human being with the idiot put my mind at the main focal point in living life.

Who always said that people believe in God, but do not appreciate the creatures of God’s creation itself is its own human self.

Unfortunately those who believe in the mystery of (future), which of course is not yet known what the result will be like.

It’s unfortunately the people who live high school without really understanding what they learn.

Which can easily construct a thesis without understanding what was going to bring.

Moreover if it is made by someone else. Ironic, tragic.

Humans who puts his mind as the main pillar in the life of human beings is to be forged as a “tape recorder running” (a zombie with a mind without a soul). Much like also the humans who are too uses feelings (sensitive). Though this life is clearly required is the balance.

Man, life is demanded not to subject the systems, but to do and change systems.

Have you asked? “Why do I have to fight / upset when people are mad at me?”. “Why should I swore to swearing when I’m mad?”.

That’s because humans have tersistem by the rules of his brain because his conscious is not visible, legible, tertonton and everything. Things that cause human emotional intelligence unused. When humans do not need emotional intelligence to what God created it all.

I’m a writer confident and believe in God the Creator who is able to create anything until the smallest dots in this world.

I am confident and believe that God the Creator put faith in the human heart is not in the mind.

True Bung Karno said, “Never forget history” or “Who will forget history will only be amuck, amuck like mere monkeys caught in the dark”.

Equally, if it is used as a model of humanity.

Humans are humans, not God, not god, not whatever the Supreme Sakti which calls itself.

When people forget the human nature as he just a fury. Amuk-raging ideas, think through the ego and even anger that incessantly. Yes, like a monkey stuck in the dark had no consequences themselves just a goal that is not necessarily all (mystery).


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