Explores the meaning of the wall

We must already know and understand well what that wall. The wall is a wall of separation / barrier between the building with one another.

But here we will explore what exactly is the wall. As in the first paragraph, the wall is a separator / divider. In cities large and small, we often encounter in the wall between the houses to one another. Why there should be a wall? The wall here as a symbol of mistrust, the selfish from the owner of the wall itself.

He, they, and we must have a distrust for others. Because she, they, and we since childhood has forged unconsciously by the wall. And again, we can not deny that we are social beings who are selfish and individualistic. We also assume that others are complementary in life. Why do I dare say that we are social beings who are selfish and individualistic, and assume others are complementary? First, what do you want to share your salary, which with difficulty looking to strangers? Surely not, this is example that we are selfish. Second, what do you want to live in a house with strangers? Surely not. This is the second example, that we are individualists. And third, what you want and are able to live alone in this world? Obviously not you? This is for example, that we are social creatures. That is why man created as a dividing wall and barrier. Because we are selfish and individualistic, so do not want others to enter our yard without permission. It is, can we meet in the elite residential and public-housing in big cities and small.

With the existence of this wall, the longer and the longer we do not want and lazy to socialize with people outside the walls. Except, in particular scope. For example, schools, colleges, and offices. Thus, we socialist life are blocked, and petrified in certain spheres.

This does not occur in those who never knew each other only. But in those with a family too, there are lazy to socialize with each other. Because of unbelief, and the selfish of them. Thus, creating a virtual wall. Like a mirage, something that did not exist but there. So also is experienced by Mother Earth right now, the children involved in the formation of this wall. Commission, Police, and Attorney General, as if having a high wall and thick. What makes them not trust each other, so check each other, and observing each other. That is the great wall, he created, made, used for blocking, and restricting other people, other animals, and in this case, another agency to enter into his realm.

And in this case also, it helps us ashamed, sad, and sorry for myself. Because it has to embarrass, ridicule, and mocking the people we say old-fashioned, countrified, and petty. Because the real people we say old-fashioned, cheesy and petty, the more modern, and higher social life. They do not need a high and thick walls. Because of their mutual trust and open with each other, help each other and help each other. In fact, when compared to our economy, they are rich. People who have acres of land and fields. But they do not need walls to restrict their land. And they do not mind, when we entered the field and take some of the results of his field. Why they can not? Because they are far from the influence of a quasi-bourgeois civilization (bourgeoisie), a more self-important and self-righteous worse and most faithful. Sok-ass is what makes unity can be eroded little by little.

For that we as an urban society, it’s better to get rid of quasi-self (to-selfish) present. Because it would only create walls in our social life. And it will inhibit the growth rate of the brain, psychological, and social life us. It is still logic. If we are selfish, we would not listen to others’ opinions. We always felt most true, and ultimately makes us not getting other people’s ideas that can stimulate our brains, our brains will end up soggy in other words, stupid. And this, as well as psychological effect on us. Especially if it occurs in children. Children tend to be aloof and focused on one point which is typically called autism.


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