Ideology in my Opinion

Use the feelings and emotions in order to create good communication between me and you.

Bung Karno’s speech about the book Basics of Political Science by Prof. Miriam Budiarjo. “If we really want our country to base their ideology of family, the schools of mutual help, mutual help and the schools of social justice, Away with each and every thought of individualism and liberalism thereof. ”

Regarding the Bung Karno words, we can conclude that we as human beings, especially Indonesia‘s human to feel that we have one big goal to jointly develop Indonesia for the creation of a strong unity in the absence of oppression. Indonesian Human required to always be a “volunteer” a loving, caring, and do not have the nature and spiteful attitude. To create it all, the Indonesia Human plain must have attitudes, sincere and without any coercion whatsoever.

Instead it all each leader of a family, group, village, city, province or country are required to have a personality like Bung Karno desired above. Leaders who feel equal to his people, not impressed at all that he has powers which can be easily tossed mengombang-running of the government. Leaders who have a concern and is very fond of its members / citizens exceeded her affection for himself and his family. Leaders who have a big responsibility for a large country.

This also applies to the members / people. Member / people ought to feel equal and dared to remind the leader when what was done wrong by their leaders in a friendly manner. Member / people should have the same concerns with their leaders. When all the members / people have one vote with the leader, then created a harmonious family, group, nation and state.

We’ve been very clear ideology, it is perfect as a human ideology. A man is pure and innocent. We have the ideology of kinship, mutual help, mutual help and social justice. An ideology that is perfect. Plus we have schools of belief in one supreme God.

Belief in God Almighty that-I meant in the precepts of Pancasila are: beragamalah you according to your religion. However, do not make our religious diversity as the difference for us. Satukanlah us with the following four precepts. Because in every religion there are schools of kinship, mutual help, mutual help and social justice.

Indonesian Human requested to hand in hand, helping others, mutual care. Eliminate the vertical line of ourselves as human beings. There is no caste / class of persons, especially Indonesia’s human. We have one big goal for Indonesia.

When maintaining class / vertical lines on Indonesia’s human self, goals, ideals became independent Indonesia only in vain. Truly independent Indonesia when Indonesia is able and capable of standing alone in its own way.

As a Man Indonesia, involve our feelings for the sake of ideology and the ideals of the nation. Only by feeling and conscience we can build a nation.

This is why in my opinion to be conveyed Bung Karno in depth as the father of our Independence at the time said the above. But now, only some of us who have views like this. Many of the people of Indonesia (Indonesian People do not deserve to say) that’s easy to be blinded by the glitter of wealth and power. Many of the people of Indonesia that’s easy to think critically erratic, look down (sarcastically) as “she” has the power and feel has helped many a people. And when a people are voicing their opinions, “he” will underestimate these people just because a people may seem low and outside it did not have impressed a wide range of views about the dikomentarinya.

Things like this that make Indonesia can not truly independent and will always be behind in every case. Because of the vertical line that I mentioned above. Indonesia has been far from kinship, mutual help, mutual help and social justice even air-Belief in God Almighty.

Indonesia no longer berazas belief in Almighty God, family, mutual help, mutual help, and her social justice. Not any more equality in the body of Indonesia, to change the direction the nation into capitalism and neo-colonialism. Disadvantaged and colonized by our own people. Disadvantaged and colonized by yourself.

Reasonable and ordinary indeed when every human being now need money to survive. Because now instead of the pre-historic life-style hunt for survival. However, life is not entirely for the money. Let your money work for humans. However, the classic problem that arises is the greed to possess more. Not to adequately survive.

If the money raised from the monthly salary distributed fairly to every member of the family (in this case each member of the family have worked and have an income) and live in sufficiency. In a sense enough to eat, vacation, and enjoy life with no exaggeration. As an example of an idea, I pointed out 3 people who live in a house. And have a diverse income.

A = 1000, B = 1500, C = 1200.

Every person divide their income equally with members of his family. But first saving as a percentage of cash the family.

A – 5% (50) = 950: 3 = 316, B – 5% (75) = 1425: 3 = 475, C – 5% (60) = 1140: 3 = 380.

When added together, 316 + 475 + 380 = 1171

Each family member has a monthly income of 1171. With the amount of cash 185 / month.

If this is applied to the system of a country in defiance of the greed, luxury, and the effects of power which is nothing more than to be considered a strength. Indonesia will easily become large, and is known as a country that has one vote to build the nation. Any child born would not be burdened by debt that no other country just for the belly-belly corruptor who never think about others.

Money does not always make it a strong man. However, unity is what makes the man is really strong. Until the system is dead even if this country did not love each other, this country will actually die in the occupation of new styles and never truly independent. In vain, the hero who died during the war. In vain they dikokohkan sculptures in the cities. For what? Just to see and or worse just to add to the aesthetics of the city more attractive just for visits?

Use sense to build this country. There have been many victims who fell for the sake of this country. Use love to unite all human beings. Because love is the guidance from God to build every thing. Families, groups, even when based on the ideology of the state is said Bung Karno above or the legitimate ideology of the Indonesian Nation, will create peace. Care for fellow human beings is good. Cherish our fellow human beings is good.


Nationalists, Agamais, the Communists who want to set up Bung Karno moment, nothing is as I have described above. Nationalists; have the attitude and self-conscious of the life of nation and state. Agamais; listed on the precepts I in the Pancasila, and I have also outlined above. Communists; kinship, mutual help, mutual help, and social justice is a form of life that says that we as human beings are equal. Same!

I am here no longer wish to discuss events that actually G/30S/PKI have made truly communist terfitnah time. I think and I hope, all people are smarter now and know that what really happened. Age of our nation when it was still too young to be great. So what? Please think for themselves with based on Pancasila.


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